The Rolling Pin Bakery, Five Points Denver


In 2016, Eric designed and lettered the Rolling Pin Bakery in Five Points, Denver. Michael, the owner of the bakery, gave Eric free reign to design a storefront that complemented the unique architecture of the building and the history of the neighborhood. 

The Five Points neighborhood has some of the most interesting facades in Denver.

Eric chose to give the storefront a clean look with black, white, and gold lettering, while honoring the classic elements of a historical typeface. Each letter is hand drawn and painted to balance the kerning with the bakery logo and the structure of the marquis.

Here you see Eric hand painting the Rolling Pin logo over the front entrance. Eric uses the highest quality enamel automotive paint available for long-lasting signs, lettering, and windows.

Our daughter, Laurel, is shown here helping paint the interior wall behind the bakery counter. Eric learned to letter and paint from his dad, and brings our children along with him when he can to pass on the art of signwriting.

The finished logo on the interior wall.

Eric lettered this quote in the hallway of the bakery:
"A party without cake is just a meeting," Julia Child 
Well said, Julia!